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Everwell has a large number of Occupational Health Physicians & Nurse Advisors based in and around and throughoput the UK, ready to provide a wide range of Occupational Health services including Contact Us.

Sickness Absence Support

To support Management with dealing with sickness absence issues, Everwell can arrange a range of different types of Occupational Health assessments depending upon the circumstances.nbsp; We have a network of Occupational Health Doctors (& Nurse Advisers) located throughout the UK and who are ready to provide timely face-to-face assessments either in the workplace or at the Doctors clinic.nbsp; We should be in a position to source a local solution wherever you are or your employee(s) are based.nbsp; We also provide a rapid flexible telephone referral service especially useful for a widely distributed workforce.

We are happy to arrange a single referral for a member of staff or to set-up a larger staff well-being support programme.

Workplace Health Surveillance Service

We can organise a workplace Health Surveillance programme (or one-off exercise) throughout , to cover some or all of the following:

  • Respiratory / Spirometry
  • Audiometry / Hearing tests
  • Skin Health Surveillance
  • Hand Arm Vibration / HAVS (Tier 2) Screening
  • General Fitness to Work Medical
    • Including Eyesight, BMI, medical history questionnaire review, urinalysis, blood pressure
    • Essentially a fitness to work medical to cover aspects such as night workers, fork lift truck driver medicals, plant operators, working at heights, confined spaces and similar.
  • Other such as biological monitoring (lead, chrome, isocyanate, nickel, ....) by arrangement.

Other Services

Everwell provides a full range of Occupational Health Services for , employee well-being, Counsellors or EAP services, Physiotherapy and other health related services for any workplace health issues including %services%.

We can help with %services% in so if you wish to discuss then please feel free to contact us on info@everwelloh.co.uk or telephone 01270 767880.