Occupational Health in Crewe

With years of experience within the industry, our trained professionals provide a range of services across the UK, including Crewe. At Everwell Occupational Health Ltd we work both on-site and off-site with our customers to ensure they receive the services they are in need of. Whether you require help with sickness management or the wellbeing of your employees, we are on hand to help you.

As dedicated members of COHPA, you can rest assured that any help provided is of the highest quality. We are committed to offering you a flexible service, which is why we fit our work around you.

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Services We Offer

With a wide range of training, assessments and other services available, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands with us. These include:

  • On-site Health Surveillance
  • OH Assessments
  • Stress Awareness Training
  • Employee Well-being programmes
  • Health Advice
  • Remote off-site support
  • Workplace OH Services
  • Full Sickness Absence Management
  • Workplace Health Surveillance
  • Counsellor and EAP Services
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Sickness Absence Support

Reducing loss of productivity, disruption and wasted time are all aims of any employer. At Everwell Occupational Health Ltd we can work with you to help improve your return-to-work process, speeding this up and helping you to determine what your responsibilities are. Whether you work with our physicians or advisors, they will ensure you receive quick results.

There are several ways that we can provide support when it comes to sickness absence, including:

  • Giving employees advice on what they should ask their GP
  • Identifying the real cause of sickness
  • Engaging the correct NHS or GP services
  • Suggesting private consultations with other professionals (counsellor, physio etc)
  • Helping with return to work, phased returns and more
  • Co-ordinating a rehabilitation programme
  • Identifying reasonable adjustments for the workplace
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What are HAVS Medical Assessments?

Otherwise known as Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome, HAVS screening is a way of noticing damage caused by frequent or regular exposure to vibration. It can result in a range of conditions, including Raynaud’s syndrome, tendinitis, and carpal tunnel. There are different tiers to this condition and each has different requirements attached to them.

Outlined within the Control of Vibration Work Regulations, tier 1 includes an initial assessment prior to an individual using the tools. Tier 2 refers to an annual assessment and tier 3 requires an occupational health nurse to ask a number of questions and carry out tests. If there are symptoms presented and a history, then this will be progressed to tier 4 where a doctor will provide a formal diagnosis if appropriate.

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Our Clinics

Alongside our nationwide network of professionals, we also provide our own clinics in a number of major towns and cities. We offer a range of services in these clinics including management referral support, HAVS tier 4 assessments, and a number of medicals.

Our clinics in Manchester, Liverpool, Sandbach, and Chester are within easy distance of Crewe. To find out more about the services these clinics provide, view our clinic’s page.

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About Crewe

The town of Crewe is located within Cheshire and has an estimated population of around 72,000. If you find yourself in the area, then there are plenty of things to do. There is Queens ParkSt Mary’s Church, and nearby Lakemore Farm Park.

For more details about the assessments and services we provide, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today.

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As experts in occupational health, our team can provide you with a range of services. To get more information, give us a call today on 01270 767880 or fill in our contact form.