Workplace Occupational Health Surveillance


Workplace Occupational Health Surveillance

Health surveillance is systematically watching out for early signs of work-related ill health in employees exposed to certain health risks so preventative actions can be taken to ensure the health of employees is maintained. It means putting in place certain procedures to achieve this.

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These Procedures Include:

  • Simple methods such as reviewing questionnaires;
  • Basic checks for example looking for skin damage;
  • Discrete medical checks on employees only exposed to one health hazard, such as hearing tests or lung-function tests.
  • Combination of some or all the above.

Much, if not all, health surveillance is governed by statute and/or HSE guidelines. However the frequency and types of surveillance should be entirely governed by exposures to health hazards and the workplace risk assessments. So if your employees are not exposed then they do not need any monitoring.

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Workplace Health Surveillance Monitoring

We can provide workplace health surveillance monitoring for your convenience, whereby we send an Occupational Health Nurse Advisor to your site to conduct health screening rather than have to send your employees off-site. This will minimise time away from work for your employees.  A regular schedule will also allow us to monitor any employee showing potential signs of a developing health issue, allowing action to be taken at the earliest point.

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Other Workplace Occupational Health Services

With a regular site visit, we can also deliver a range of other value adding Occupational Health Services such as:

Sickness Absence Support / Occupational Health Assessments
Fitness to Work Medicals
Pre-employment health screening
Employee Well-being activities
General health related support to HR and/or Health & Safety

Everwell has extensive experience with a multitude of industries, environments and different organisations so we can talk through typical activities that may apply in your work environment.

So if you are not sure whether you should be monitoring the health of your employees or not then please feel free to contact us to seek guidance on how we can help or advise you

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